AST Pro Emergency Start (quick start) for Toyota-Lexus 2017+ Emergency Start


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AST Pro (Auto Start Toyota)


Engine start, SmartECU adaptation, Toyota / Lexus key registration

TOYOTA / LEXUS emergency engine start device

The device is designed for emergency engine start in Toyota and Lexus cars in case of a failure of the authorization unit or lost keys. The EST unit is used as a temporary element for the transport of emergency vehicles and is not intended for permanent use.




Supported cars:

All models 2012-2020

* EST v5.1 can be connected either through Smart ECU connector or Steering lock ECU connector.

* STP 3.1 smart programmer included in this set





1. Emergency start of the engine in cars
Toyota and Lexus vehicles in cases
faults in the certification system
or lost keys.
2. Recovery of working capacity
if all keys are lost.
3. Registration of additional keys
with a working key.

4. SUPPORTED MODELSToyota / Lexus: The device supports all new Toyota / Lexus car models from 2015-2020.
with Smart-keys AA, A8, A9, 39, 88, 98.





Autorun device
Steering column lock adapter
Set of adapters for Smart ECU with adapter panel
Additional cable with needles for
connections to Body ECU





1. Emergency start:
1.1. Connection via Smart ECU;
1.2. Connection via the steering column lock (the vehicle is unset);
1.3. Connection via the steering column lock (the car is not removed from the alarm);
1.4. Connection via steering column lock (old type certification system
with key 98, the car is disarmed).

2. Restoration of vehicle performance in case of loss of all keys (Smart ECU adaptation):
2.1. Connection via Smart ECU;
2.2. Connection via steering column lock.

3. Registration of additional keys with a working key:
3.1. Key registration.



New models of Toyota / Lexus cars with Smart-keys use Smart ECUs, which store information about keys in closed ones from reading

Binding of smart keys in these cars is possible with at least one working key.
If all the keys to the car are lost, it is possible to restore the car’s performance
only by REPLACING such Smart ECU with a NEW unit with a NEW key or a USED Smart ECU with
With the key attached to it.






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