Code grabber alarm Toyota / Lexus / Subaru 2006-2016


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The original device – Crypto Code Grabber is used only for Opening / Closing a car, without using any additional special tools, on Toyota / Lexus / Subaru cars equipped with a Keyless Go / Smart Key system without key access from 2006 to 2016. This device is designed to receive a code from a car and a smart key, after which the device can Open / Close the car at any time convenient for you. The device copies the operation of the original smart key.

List of car models supported by the Crypto Code grabber device:

  • Toyota
    Verso (2009-2016)
    Prius (2010-2015)
    Corolla (2007-2013)
    Avensis (2010-2016)
    Camry (2006-2011)
    Avalon (2006-2012)
    Highlander (2008-2012)
    Venza (2009-2014)
    Sienna (2010-2016)
    RAV4 (2006-2012)
    Land Cruiser Prado 150 (2009-2016)
    Land Cruiser 200 (2007-2015)
  • Lexus
    CT (2011–2015)
    IS (2006-2012)
    ES (2007-2012)
    GS (2006-2012)
    LS (2006-2013)
    RX (2009-2015)
    GX (2009-2016)
    LX (2007-2015)
  • Subaru
    Forester (2007-2015)
    Impreza (2007-2016)
    Legacy (2009-2016)
    BRZ (2012-2015)
    XV (2011-2016)
    VRX (2013-2016)

Main characteristics of the new version of the algorithmic Crypto code grabber:

– New firmware version 2.0
– New user-friendly management interface.
– Modern, high-quality, compact body.
– Ability to update firmware via the Internet.
– Removable Li-Pol battery.
– Informative OLED display.
– PIN code to start the device.
– Support car / smart key Europe / America, 315/433 MHz, AM / FM.
– 30 memory cells, which allows you to store the recorded signal for a long time and Open / Close the car at any time convenient for you.
– The distance from the code grabber to the smart key is up to 7 meters.

The recorded signal is stored in the cell memory for an unlimited period of time until the cell in the device memory is cleared.
The number of openings/closures of the tested car 10 times! After using them, just write the smart key again.

Crypto Code Grabber device works with smart keys:

DST40bit – Toyota Page1: 94, D4 / Subaru Page1: 94, 9F.
DST80bit – Toyota Page1: 98 / Subaru Page1: 78, F1.
With Toyota / Lexus / Subaru 128bit smart keys (Page1: 88, A8, 39, A9, F3) the device DOES NOT work !!!


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