Code grabber Pandora D605 ver. EVO


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Codegrabber Pandora D605 ver. EVO, an exclusive competitor-free product.

Execution in the well-proven Pandora keychain, similar to the rods.

Support for the most common delivered alarms, simultaneous reception of AM + FM – (regular AM signaling and FM sherkhan) – no need to switch anything manually.

Support for VAZ staff (Lada Kalina, UAZ Patriot and others). Excellent range and quick calculation after reception (a few seconds).

As a useful addition – a huge list of supported barriers, garage doors, etc.

The device is intended for delivered security systems (car alarms).

The execution of the device in the remote control. Power-on pin code, convenient control (menu) on the graphic LCD display, 10 memory cells, catch-up code, standard functions of most systems – open, close, boot / start. Automation support (garage doors, barriers, blinds, etc.)

The device implements simultaneous reception of AM and NFM (sherkhani) or WFM (VAZ staff) systems.

List of supported systems:

– A.P.S. (1xxx, 2xxx, 7000, 7200, 9000)

– Sheriff keeloq pagers, ext. keychains

– Sheriff APS pagers, add. one-way key chains

– Sheriff new coding CFMI pagers (ZX-950, ZX-1055, ZX-1055)

– Sheriff new coding CFMII pagers, add. key chains (ZX-750, ZX-940, ZX-930, ZX-1070, ZX-1090)

– Alligator pagers, add. one-way key chains (M, L, D, TD, LX series)

– Alligator new encoding, pagers (S-450 series, ..)

– Pantera pagers, add. one-way key chains

– Pantera new encoding, pagers (series SLK-350, ..)

– Berkut pagers, ext. keychains

– Challenger pagers, add. keychains, new encoding

– DaVINCI pagers, add. keychains

– Mongoose (700)

– Partisan (RX, i)

– Pharaon (V19, V22, SCS)

– Tiger keeloq (QS, MM1)

– Convoy pagers (SP, MP), add. one-way key chains (XS)

– Cyclon pagers, add. keychains

– Cenmax (ST-5, ST-7)

– duplex

– A.M.E.

– Leopard (LS)

– KGB pagers (FX), one-way (VS)

– Bagira

– Excalibur

– gorgon

– Pandora (RX)

– Eaglemaster pagers (Ex), ext. one-way key chains (Tiger, LT5200)

– Sword pagers (SWxx), add. keychains

– Red Scorpio (900, 7000, 7700, 9000, 9700)

– Boomerang Zeta

– Flashpoint (Sx)

– Fortress (type 3)

– black bug

– Guard (RF-344)

– Jaguar pagers (EZ), one-way (JX)

– fighter

– Cheetah (CM)

– Harpoon (BS-1000)

– Magnum Elite (MH-780, ..)

– Starline Twage A2, A4, A6, A8, A9

– Starline Twage B6, B9 black pagers, blue pagers, ext. keychains

– Starline Dialog C4, C6, C9 pagers, add. keychains

– Tomahawk (TW, TZ, LR, SL, CL, S, X, Z, D)

– Scher- Khan Logicar 1, 2, 3, 4 (Pro1, Pro2)

– Scher- Khan Magicar C, D (Pro1)

– Scher- Khan Magicar A, B (Magic Code)

– Scher- Khan FM III, IV

– Scher- Khan FM 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 (Magic Code), supports recording from pink \ return

– Scher- Khan FM 7, 8, 9, 10 (Pro1)

– Scher- Khan FM 7, 8, 9, 10 (Pro2)

– Scher- Khan FM Magicar 7s, 8s, 9, 10, 11, 12 (Pro3) (pagers, checked on 7s, 11)

– MS Stalker (tested on Stalker 600LIGHT, MS 600NB)

Staff management of the central lock:

– Lada Kalina

– Lada Priora

– Lada Granta

– Uaz Patriot

– Niva Chevrolet

And also a large number of all kinds of automation, common both in Russia and in the EU countries.

Main brands (frequency 433MHz):














and many others.


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