Code grabber Scher-Khan Magicar 5 (Maximum)


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The device is implemented in the body of the Scher-Khan Magicar 5 keychain.

Today, new, high-tech devices that open the car without the participation of the original keychain are gaining more and more popularity. One of such device is code grabbers, which pick up the signals coming from the remote control and intercepts them, thereby removing the key.

Scher Khan Magicar 5 code grabber

Code grabber sherkhan is one of the most popular devices used to open cars. In addition to the fact that the Sher khan perfectly copes with signal interception, which allows you to easily open almost any car, it has several advantages, such as:

  • Power-on safety thanks to pin-code;
  • Auto-mute feedback;
  • Recording from a call sensor;
  • Thanks to a special button, it instantly erases the cells and immediately picks up a new signal.

Buying Sherkhan 5 from us you get:

  1. High quality. We work only with trusted manufacturers, so we guarantee that our product has served you for a long time;
  2. Low prices. We do not cooperate with intermediaries, so our customers can contact us at any time and buy a scher khan magicar code grabber at a bargain price.

Modulation: AM + FM conventional alarms and barriers + for Toyota, Subaru, etc.

  • It works completely like the original keychain.
  • Operational display and functions of the original remote control.
  • Works with the maximum number of auto alarms.
  • The code grabber has 4 memory cells.
  • Additional communication channel (auto start, trunk opening).

The device blocks the transmission of the signal to the native remote control which has feedback. Those. the owner will not receive a notification that the car was opened (closed).
This is the best affordable professional appliance in its class.
Individual PIN code for inclusion.

List of supported alarms:

1) Sheriff (all keeloq lineup) autostart
2) Alligator (all additional keeloq key chains)
3) A.P.S. (all keeloq range except 7000-9000)
4) Jaguar (entire keeloq lineup)
5) Alligator (all pagers with keeloq LCD)
6) Alligator (all pagers with keeloq LEDs except S-275, S-250)
7) Challenger (entire keeloq lineup)
8) Pantera QX-240
9) Pantera QX-250
10) Pantera QX-270
11) Pantera QX-44
12) Mongoose
13) Duplex
14) Pantera (SX)
15) Fighter
16) Cenmax (HIT-320 keeloq models)
17) Pantera (with feedback pagers on 5 … series inclusive!)
18) Pharaon
19) KGB (optional key chains, including older models)
20) Berkut (optional key chains)
21) Berkut (pagers)
22) KGB (feedback pagers, tested on VS-4000)
23) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7000 – Autostart possible.
24) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9000 – Autostart possible.
25) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9010 – Autostart possible.
26) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7010 – Autostart possible.
27) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7020 – Autostart possible.
28) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-7030 – Autostart possible.
29) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9020 – Autostart possible.
30) Tomahawk KeeLoq TW-9030 – Autostart possible.
31) Tomahawk KeeLoq LR-950LE – Autostart possible.
32) HYUNDAI Godzila
33) Pandora (RX)
34) Leopard
35) Red Scorpio (KeeLoq)
36) Inspector
37) Cenmax Vigilant MT-7
38) Cenmax A-700
39) Cenmax A-900
40) Cenmax VT-200
41) Cenmax VT-210
42) Partisan
43) StarLine Twage A6
44) StarLine Twage A8
45) StarLine Twage A9
46) StarLine Twage B6 (black keychain)
47) StarLine Twage B6 (optional keychain)
48) StarLine Twage B6 (blue pager)
49) StarLine-Twage B9 (black pager) – You can record from a kick.
50) StarLine-Twage B9 (optional keyfob) – Recording from a kick is possible.
51) Cenmax Vigilant ST-5
52) Cenmax Vigilant ST-7
53) Cenmax Vigilant ST-10
54) Cenmax Vigilant V-7
55) Cenmax Vigilant MT-8
56) Phantom F-731
57) Phantom F-635LCD
58) KGB (FX-7) – You can record from a kick.
59) ReeF (with red LED)
60) Gorgon (with red LED)
61) Black Bug Super (with red LED)
62) Fortress (partially)
63) StarLine Twage B9 (interactive blue pager)
64) Eaglemaster
65) Tiger (partially, keeloq QS, MM1)
66) StarLine Twage A2
67) StarLine Twage A4
68) Pantera (with feedback pagers, with new encoding, SLK-350SC series)
69) Pantera (with feedback pagers, with a new encoding, SLK-675RS series)
70) Alligator (with feedback pagers, with a new encoding, S-400 2-WAY series)
71) Alligator (with feedback pagers, with a new encoding, S-875RS 2-WAY series)
72) Sheriff (with new dynamic code CFM models with ZX-1055RS and NEXT)
73) Mystery (pager with LEDs) – Recording from a kick is possible.
74) Leopard LS-70 – Autostart possible.
75) Leopard LS-90 – Autostart possible.
76) Tomahawk (X-Series)
77) K9
78) Clifford (1998) – (algorithm)
79) Clifford (1996) – (static)
80) Sirio 777
81) Excalibur
83) Bruin
84) Fortress
85) Zorro
86) Omega
88) Visonic WT201-A- (static)
89) ROLLINS M54AB – (algorithm, not KeeLoq)
90) ROLLINS M52AB – (algorithm, not KeeLoq)
91) ROLLINS M77AB – (algorithm, not KeeLoq)
92) PRESTIGE TS556S – (static)
93) Whister (CANADA) – (static)
94) AL998RS RT – (static)
95) SKYNET- (algorithm)
96) TR03B1 – (algorithm)
97) MED (verified to 2007)
98) Pantera SLR-5650 (New Lineup)
99) Pantera SLR-5755G (New Lineup)
100) Pantera CLK-650 (New Lineup)
101) APS 7100-9000 (New Lineup)
102) Fighter
103) Inspector (FM) 2004 – (static)
104) Enforcer
105) APS 2800 (New Lineup)
106) Pantera SLK-355 (New Lineup)
107) Red Scorpio from 900 … (New lineup)
108) Anaconda
109) Sword sw-20
110) Mongoose EMS 1.7
111) Mongoose EMS 1.9
112) Mongoose EMS 7.0 (FM)
113) Cheetan cm-215 (FM)
114) Teea (Chinese)
117) Sky M1
118) Convoy
119) Mongoose (with a new encoding)
120) StarLine C4 Dialog (optional key fobs)
121) Mystery Chameleon Z9 (FM)
122) Cheetah CM-110
123) Sheriff ZX-930 (CFM)
124) Sheriff ZX-750 (CFM 2)
125) Harpoon BS1000
126) Harpoon BS2000
127) Sheriff ZX-940
128) Sheriff ZX-999
129) Bagira BS AME-002
130) Mystery Chameleon Z4 (AM)
131) Sheriff ZX-1070
132) Sheriff ZX-1090
133) Cesar Magnum (part of the Caesar Satellite)
134) Scher-Khan Magicar 3
135) Scher-Khan Magicar 4
136) Scher-Khan Magicar 5
137) Scher-Khan Magicar 6
138) Scher-Khan Magicar 7
139) Scher-Khan Magicar 8
140) Scher-Khan Magicar A, B, Vegas
141) Scher-Khan C, D
142) Scher-Khan Magicar 7H (MAGIC CODE ™ PRO Encoding)
143) Scher-Khan Magicar 8H (MAGIC CODE ™ PRO Encoding)
144) Scher-Khan Magicar 9 (MAGIC CODE ™ PRO Encoding)
145) Scher-Khan Magicar 10 (encoding MAGIC CODE ™ PRO) Support list of standard systems: 1. AUDI A6, A8, TT until 2004
146) KIA until 2008
147) LEXUS RX 300, 470 Until 2008 (STAFF Europe)
148) PORSHE Cayenne until 2004
149) SUBARU forester until 2008
150) SUBARU outback until 2008
151) SUBARU tribeca b9 until 2008
152) TOYOTA Land Cruiser 100 until 2008 (STAFF Europe) works 50 to 50, you can open 2-3 times
153) TOYOTA Prado until 2008 (STAFF Europe) works 50 to 50, you can open 2-3 times
154) TOYOTA RAV4 until 2008 (STAFF Europe) works 50 to 50 can be opened 2-3 times.
157) GREAT WALL HOVER (STAFF) (I generation 2005-2009)
158) Mercedes 221
159) BMW 320, X5 (before restyling), as well as many types of similar alarms working on similar codes! In the second mode (substitution), you can record almost everything, but the opening is NOT GUARANTEED and is possible only once (for example, LC-200, GS-300, X5 rhombus 2003-04)


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