Code grabber SHERIFF ZX 940


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Algorithmic Codegrabber AM Signaling SHRIFF ZX-940:

  • Operating in the AM frequency bands.
  • Updated 2017 alarm base.
  • Unique (for each device) PIN code for switching on.
  • 19 memory locations.
  • Displays the number of the caught alarm.
  • All models with feedback are blocked by signal transmission to the caught pager.
  • On all models in which there is such an opportunity, additional. channel (autostart and trunk opening).

Sheriff ZX 940 codegrabber: why and how do they work?

Personal vehicle safety is a concern that all car owners are concerned about. The security level of modern alarms is increased in parallel with the level of crackers who are looking for ways to bypass the encoding of the protection of the unit of interest, using the Sheriff ZX 940 code grabber.

Code grabbers appeared as devices designed to intercept a signal from a security system, generate a key, and gain access to a car. At the same time, official alarm blocks are used as the basis for their creation, which makes the work of gadgets quite effective. But their appearance has made the level of protection more “advanced”: today devices are used to study the functionality of security systems, test them, and develop new methods of protection, which is why they are in demand at service stations in companies involved in the development of car alarms.

What can the Sheriff ZX-940 code grabber do?

One of the most popular gadget models is the Sheriff ZX 940 code grabber. It is a multifunctional device supporting over 150 types of systems operating in the AM band. Functions available:

  1. 1. Enable PIN;
  2. 2. blocking a signal to a pager
  3. 3. determine the alarm number.

Fresh database of alarms. It features a long battery life.

Codegrabber alarm list SHERIFF ZX 940

0. VW Passat b5 (security complex – Europe 433 MHz, only AM).
1. Established – Daewoo Nexia (Europe 433 MHz, only AM).
2. Huindai delivery alarm.
3. DOORHAN all Automation (barriers, auto-gates, garage doors)
4. Scher-khan Logikar 1
5. Scher-khan Logikar 2
6. Scher-khan Logikar 3
7. Scher-khan Logikar 4
8. Leopard
9. Cenmax VT-200
10. Cenmax HIT-320
11. Scher-khan C
12. Scher-khan D
13. Scher-khan MAGIC CODE ™ PRO
14. Sherif zx-999 (new lineup)
15. APS 2700
16. APS 2800
17. APS 2900 New Lineup
18. StarLine-Twage A2
19. StarLine-Twage A4
20. StarLine-Twage A6 (autostart.)
21. StarLine-Twage A8 (autostart.)
22. StarLine-Twage A9 (autostart.)
23. StarLine-Twage B6 (black keychain) autostart.
24. StarLine-Twage B6 (optional key fob) autostart.
25. StarLine-TwageВ6 (blue pager) autostart.
26. StarLine-Twage B9 (black pager) autostart.
27. StarLine-Twage B9 (optional keychain)
28. StarLine 24V
29. StarLine-Twage B9 (interactive blue pager)
30. Tomahawk TW7000
31. Tomahawk TW9000
32. Tomahawk TW9010
33. Tomahawk TW7010
34. Tomahawk TW7020
35. Tomahawk TW7030
36. Tomahawk TW9020
37. Tomahawk TW9030
38. Tomahawk 950LE
39. Tomahawk TZ 9010
40. Tomahawk TZ 9020
41. Tomahawk TZ 9030
42. Sheriff (with the new dynamic code CFM model ZX-1055, ZX-1060)
43. Sheriff 750 CFM2 New key, new encryption.
44. Sheriff 940 CFM2 New key, new encryption.
45. Sheriff 1070 CFM2 New key, new encryption. Autostart.
46. ​​Sheriff 1090 CFM2 New key, new encryption. Autostart.
47. Sheriff T80-TOR
48. Sheriff T82-TOR
49. Sheriff zx-930
50. Sherif (all range keeloq) autostart.
51. Mystery pagers mx-605
52. Mystery pagers mx-605RS
53. Mystery pagers mx-705
54. Mystery optional keychains mx-605RS
55. Mystery Extra Keychains 607
56. Mystery Extra Keychains 705
57. Mystery Extra Keychains 905
58. Mystery pagers mx-905RS
59. Mystery Pagers MX Series
60. Alligator (all additional keeloq key chains)
61. A.P.S. (all keeloq lineup)
62. Jaguar (entire lineup of keeloq jx-2000, etc.)
63. Alligator (pagers with LCD display all keeloq)
64. Alligator (pagers with all keeloq LEDs)
65. Chelendger (the entire range of keeloq ch-7000i)
66. Pantera – (QX)
67. Mongouse
68. GUARD (keychains with red keeloq LED)
69. Duplex
70. Pantera (SX)
71. Fighter
72. Cenmax (keeloq models)
73. Pantera (with feedback pagers on the 5XXX series inclusive)
75. KGB (additional key fobs including old models)
76. Berhut (optional key chains)
77. Berkut (pagers)
78. 2KGB (pagers with feedback, tested on-VS 4000)
79. Godzila
80. Pandora (RX Series)
81. Red Scorpio
82. Cenmax A-700
83. Inspektor
84. Cenmax-MT7,
85. Cenmax (A-900)
86. Cenmax (VT-210)
90. CENMAX VIGILANT MT-8 autostart
91. FANTOM F-731
92. KGB (FX-3, FX-5, FX-7)
93. REEF (with red LED)
94. Gorgon (with red LED)
95. Black-Bug super (with red LED)
96. Fortress (partially)
97. Faraon
98. Eaglemaster
99. Partisan
100. Magic Systems MS-156 MS-225
101. TIGER keeloq Tiger QS, Tiger MM1
102. Pantera (with feedback pagers with a new series encoding)
103. Pantera SLK-350SC
104. Pantera SLK-675RS
105. MSRF-3D
106. Challenger new models with a modified code CFM model ch8000i, x-1.
107. Mystery (pager with LEDs) MX-503, MX-505
108. Leopard LS series new models with a modified code. Autostart.
109. Tomahawk X3 autostart, as well as the entire X series.
110. Top Guard
111. Advanced
112. APS 7000
113. APS 9000
114. Sheriff zx730 (with the new dynamic code CFM2) autorun.
115. Challenger (with the new dynamic code CFM2) autorun.
116. Harpoon H1, H2
117. AME-MM2 Type2 autostart.
118. Bagira MS AME-002
119. DaVinci codeice 7k1
120. DaVinci codeice K9.1, etc., autorun.
121. Convoy XS
122. Pantera CLK 355
123. Mangust EMS 1.7
124. Mangust EMS 1.9
125. Mangust EMS 1.7R
126. Mangust EMS 1.9R autorun.
127. Jaguar EZ-Betta
128. Jaguar EZ-Alpfa
129. Jaguar EZ-one
130. Black-Bug (green LED)
131. Anaconda
132. jaguar series ja, jb
133. KLIFFORD 1998
134. KLIFFORD 1996
135. SIRIO 777
138. Reef (green LED)
139. ZORRO
140. OMEGA
142. Visonic
145. Whister
147. Alligator S250
148. Alligator S275
149. Bagira bc-ame002
150. Tiger EMS 1.7R
151. Tiger EMS 1.9R
152. CAYMAN C1
153. Magic Systems MS-BAIKAL2
154. Stinger-2000R
155. MSRF-3k
156. Alligator (with feedback pagers with the new coding of the S-400 2WAY series —- S-875 RS 2WAY)
157. Keychains of the k-500k series (with the dynamic code KEELOQ is designed to work with security systems Baikal-2, STINGER-2000R, MSRF-3k, as well as other products with the dynamic code KEELOQ manufactured by Magic s).

+ More than 50 KEELOQ-encoded systems not listed.


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