Compact programmer for VAG Emergency device


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Compact programmer (fast, factory setting) for VAG Emergency device


The VAG emergency device is designed for emergency start-up of vehicles from the VAG group, equipped with a Bosch engine control unit. The tool is designed to perform IMMO OFF for the types of ECUs EDC 17/16 MED 16/17 and consists of:

  • the device itself
  • cable for connecting to CAN H, CAN L to power vehicles

In order to be able to work with the device, you need to know where CAN H and CAN L are located on the vehicle you are working on. We provide a set of cables for connecting to CAN H and CAN L to various vehicles.

Using a set of cables, you can connect different cars from different points to the CAN Hand L, depending on what you are currently working with. You will almost always look for CAN H (black and orange wire) and CAN L (brown and orange wire). The cable kit also has an OBD cable, since you need to connect the device to the cable kit directly in the engine compartment (or where you will find cables for CAN connections and 12V + power supply).

The cable kit contains:

  • OBD cables
  • Positive and negative terminals that you can connect directly to the car’s battery
  • Needle-type clamps that allow you to puncture the CAN cable if you need a connector that allows you to connect via the ABS connector for some cars.
  • Toggle switches. The VAG emergency start device has only one function, so there is no need to change the toggle switches to use the device. Their position is not important.
  • In order to be able to work with the VAG emergency start device, you must connect the cable set to CAN H, CAN L, to the vehicle power supply and ground and connect the device to the OBD connector in the cable set. When you establish a connection, you will hear one beep from the device. After that, you will see that the device’s LED starts flashing green at short intervals (approximately three times per second), and as soon as this is done, you will again hear a beep (two short beeps), and when you hear this noise, the LED the indicator goes off. blink green slowly to show that the work is done, and you can start the car without a transponder at all (only with a blade).
  • Note: please keep the key (or key blade) in the ignition switch throughout the operation so that you can supply power to the CAN cables.

Possible error codes:

  • Slowly flashing red – the device slowly flashing red, indicating that the electronic control unit for the car cannot be read and may have a setting with a digital signature of the tuner.

Supported ECUs include: BOSCH EDC17, EDC16, MED17, ME9


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