Code grabber PANDORA D-605 v2.4 (New!)


This code grabber is ideal for scanning in AM and FM bands, it supports standard VAZ, Kia, Subaru and many other systems.

Delivery is carried out throughout Europe and the CIS countries, exclusively using courier services, specify the possibility of delivery to your country.

All devices on the site are presented for informational purposes only and are intended for state. institutions in the field of security, special services and car services, consultations, questions and suggestions send by contact information listed on the resource Checking and testing alarms for cars, barriers, automation, gates, the role of shutters, etc., is allowed only with the consent of the owner, provided that the actions are lawful and do not violate the laws of your country.

Sale is carried out on the forum duplicate, using payment through the guarantor of the transaction.


This code grabber is ideal for scanning in AM and FM bands, supports standard VAZ, Kia, Subaru and many other systems.
Ability to download the following firmware versions via USB + improved signal reception!

Pandora d605 buys code grabber to open cars, barriers and roller blinds.

The Pandora D605 code grabber is a device used to intercept, read and decrypt the signal of car electronic locks, alarms, blinds, roller blinds. Attackers create their own grabbers to steal cars, so there will always be a confrontation between protection systems and hacking methods.

However, informed car owners can use such devices for peaceful purposes in order to improve the convenience of operating shutters, roller blinds, barriers, and to read information from the car.

Among the large number of such devices, one can single out the p60-p code d605 grabber, which has a number of advantages among its analogues.

Benefits of Pandora d605 Code grabber

Functionality of the device:

Graphical interface AM + FM conventional alarms and barriers + for VAZ, KIA, Subaru, Ford, Mazda, Honda, Jaguar, etc.
40 memory locations
Signal receiving and sending range R = 100m
Automatic mode (the ability to automatically record the decoded signal into the next cell)
Improved reception
Feedback plug
The Pandora d-605 model has additional channels for autostart and trunk control.
Keychain protection with PIN code for activation
Battery charge indicator so that the d605 grabber does not fail at the wrong moment

From the above, it is clear that the Pandora D605 can solve any problem. If you are interested in the specified model, you can buy the Pandora D605 code bouncer from us.

List of Supported Alarms

Alarm list:

Pandora v2.4 support list
Mode 1 – AM + rods

Delivered alarms:

Sherif (all keeloq range) autostart
Alligator (all optional keeloq keychains)
P.S. (all keeloq roster)
Jaguar (all keeloq jx-2000 model range, etc.)
Alligator (all keeloq pagers with LCD displays)
Alligator (pagers with all keeloq LEDs)
Chelendger (all keeloq ch-7000i range)
Panther – (QX)
GUARD (keeloq red led key fobs)
Pantera (SX)
Cenmax (keeloq HIT-320 models)
Pantera (with feedback pagers on 5XXX series inclusive)
KGB (additional key fobs, including older models)
Berhut (additional key chains)
Berkut (pagers)
KGB (feedback pagers tested on ВС-4000)
Tomahawk (TW7000 TW9000, TW9010, TW7010, TW7020,
TW7030, TW9020, TW9030,950LE) autostart.
Pandora (RX Series)
Red scorpion
Cenmax (A-700 A-900)
Cenmax (VT-200, VT-210)
CENMAX VIGILANT ST-5, ST-7, ST-10, V-7, MT-8 autorun
StarLine-Twage A6, A8, A9, autorun.
Autostart StarLine-Twage B6 (black keychain).
Autostart StarLine-Twage B6 (additional remote control).
Autostart StarLine-TwageВ6 (blue pager).
Autostart StarLine-Twage B9 (black pager).
StarLine-Twage B9 (additional key fob)
StarLine 24 V
StarLine-Twage A4, A2 autorun.
KGB (FX-3, FX-5, FX-7)
RIF (with red LED)
Gorgon (with red LED)
Black-Bug super (with red LED)
Fortress (partially)
StarLine-Twage B9 (interactive blue pager)
TIGER keeloq Tiger QS, Tiger MM1
Pantera (with feedback pagers with new coding series
SLK-350 SC-SLK-675 RS inclusive)
Alligator (with feedback pagers with new series encoding
S-400 2WAY – S-875 RS 2WAY)
Sheriff (with new rolling code CFM models ZX-1055, ZX-1060)
New Challenger models with modified CFM code for ch8000i, x-1.
Mystery (pager with LEDs) MX-503, MX-505
Leopard LS new models with modified code. Automatic start.
Tomahawk X3 and so on X series autostart.
Top guard
Sher-Khan AM A (autorun), B, Vegas
Sheriff zx730 (with new dynamic CFM2 code) autostart.
Challenger (with new dynamic code CFM2) autostart.
Harpoon H one, H2
AME-MM2 Type2 autorun.
Bagheera MC AME-002
DaVinci codeice 7k1, K9.1 and others. Autostart.
Mystery pagers mx-605, mx-605RS, mx-705
Additional keychains Mystery mx-605, mx-605RS, 607,705,905,905RS.
Mystery pagers mx-605, mx-605RS, 607,705, 905, 905RS
Convoy XS
Pantera CLK 355
Mangust EMS 1.7, 1.9, 1.7R, 1.9R autorun.
Jaguar EZ-Betta, EZ-Alpfa, EZ-one
Black-Bug (green LED)
Tomahawk TK
jaguar series ja, jb
Sherif zx-999 (new model range)
Reef (green LED)
Sheriff ZX-930
Alligator S250, S275
APS 2700, 2800, 2900 New line
Sheriff 750 CFM2 New key, new encryption.
Sheriff 940 CFM2 New key, new encryption.
Sheriff 1070 CFM2 New key, new encryption. Automatic start.
Sheriff 1090 CFM2 New key, new encryption

e. Automatic start.
Sheriff T80-TOR T82-TOR
Scher-Khan Logicar (AM)
Standard alarm clocks:
Fiesta until 2010
Focus until 2010
C-Max up to 2010
S-Max until 2010
Galaxy before 2010
Kuga until 2010
Mondeo until 2010
Mondeo MK4 up to 2011
Explorer 2014
FRILENDER (All until 2008)
SOLARIS – until 2013

Santafe </ li>
Verna </ li>
Fe </ li>
All 2013-2016
Up to 12 years old in test mode (only the command received can be used) Mode 6 – Shergani FM Shcher-Khan III, IV Shcher-Khan 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 Shcher-Khan 7N, 8H, 9, 10 (PRO1 ) Shcher-Khan 7B, 8B, 9, 10 (PRO2) Magicar Seven (M100 AS GOLD IV) (cool). Magicar M902, M903, M909, M939f starter, excavator, mute Magicar korea 904, M101, M110 Easycar EW402A, EV402A, E402A E701, E702A </ li> E5A, E8A, E7A </ li> E401A, E402 E402A , E501A For Scher-Khan III, IV, 3, 4, 5, 6 is able to receive feedback, i.e. writes a call to the driver, a knock on the steering wheel, a knock on the glass. </ Ol>
20, ix30, ix35 Tuskon </ li> Santa-Fe </ li>


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