Compact programmer (fast, winder) for programming the VAG MQB key


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Compact programmer (fast, winder) for programming the VAG MQB key

The device is designed for vehicles that use the UDS protocol and are based on the MQB platform with VDO dashboards.
Its purpose is to add a second key using the original working key.
The switches are not used during the key learning procedure, they are for self-test only. So SW1 to SW8 should be off, SW9 and SW10 (they are cut off and should never touch) should be on.
• First switch on the ignition using the original key / transponder.
• Connect your device to OBDII
• The LED starts to change between green, red and orange, indicating that the device is working on the dashboard. This means that you should wait until the next LED indication.
• Shortly after the LED starts flashing green intensively. This means that you must place the working key in the coil of the device (programmer). IMPORTANT: always insert the key as shown in the figure below (antenna must be in the area)
• The device will read the key and the LED indicator will change from green to red and orange.
• When the working key is read by the programmer. The LED will start flashing orange rapidly. This means that you must supply the second key (the new UNLOCKED key). If the key is entered correctly, the device will continue to operate, indicating this by changing the LED to green, red and orange.
• After successful programming of the second key, the LED will start flashing green again intensively. This time, you must turn on the ignition with the original key. IMPORTANT: after the next step, the second key will be locked and cannot be used on another vehicle.
• The LED will then start flashing orange intensively. This means that you must turn on the ignition with the second key.
• Then the device will start working again on the dashboard, indicating this by changing the color of the LED.
• When the device is ready, it will display it by slowly blinking green.
• In case of an error, the LED will flash red quickly. Any indication other than the above indicates that the device is still working.
NOTE 1. Generally, when a device LED changes color (green, red and orange), it means it is working and you should wait. When it flashes green intensively, then a working (original) key is needed. The third state is when it blinks orange intensively, which means that a second key is required.
NOTE 2: Before starting work on any vehicle, it is recommended to check if the new (second) key is blank (unlocked) using the Tag key tool and ProTag.
APPLICATION EXAMPLE 1: If the LED blinks RED rapidly after connecting the key learning device to the OBDII, this may be due to the position of the working key. Please turn on the ignition again and reconnect the device to OBD II.
USE CASE 2: If shortly after connecting the key learning device to OBDII, the LED blinks RED intensively and USING CASE1 does not help, it indicates that the dashboard has activated the lock time. This can be fixed by waiting 10-30 minutes with the dashboard on and the ignition on. Reconnect the device to restart the procedure.


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