New cryptograbber emulator Keyless Go – P33 Toyota/Lexus codegrabber KeylessGO


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CryptoGrabber key modulator Toyota/Lexus Codegrabber GameBoy P33 (2015—2022)

The device is intended only for authorized car services and special legal use.
therefore the user is responsible for its illegal use!

For information only!

This device only works with vehicles equipped with a keyless start system for the European market 433 MHz and the American market 315 MHz.

-Only works with A9,AA keys!
-20 memory cells
– Smart key recording distance 15-35 meters
– Key code calculation time 25-90 min (up to 35 min on average)
– Fully emulates the work of the original key
– Allows you to open / close and start the car at any time
– The device does not break the original key

Support List:

Camry 2017-2022

Land Cruiser 200 09.2019—2021

Land Cruiser Prado 08.2019—2022

RAV4 2018-2022

CRH 2016—2022

Prius 2015-2021

Alphard 2015—2021


NX 07.2020—2021

RX 2015-2022

GX 2019-2022

EX 2018—2021

LX 08.2019—2021

LS 2017—2021

LC 2017—2021

UX 2018—2022

Banned in several countries!

The purpose of the proposed devices is to help auto mechanics and electricians around the world do their job. The devices are not recommended for illegal purposes.
It is not recommended to buy these devices for people whose work is not related to the repair and maintenance of cars, with the exception of government or officially registered special services.
It must be remembered that the appropriation of personal belongings and penetration into private property throughout the world is prohibited by law and punishable


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