Decoder EASY TOOL Pump Lock Decoder Cassel CR Viro Mattura Cerutti Potent SAG NEW

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EASY TOOL –  This is not a turbodecoder, but a completely new innovative tool designed to be used by professionals for emergency opening of the lock, safe and prompt opening of the closed door of a car or house. Our  tool has nothing to do with similar tools under the turbodecoder trademark. Our instrument was developed by a truly genius of his craft, Dimitar Ivaylov, who put all his soul, knowledge and energy into this instrument.

Please take into account when evaluating our product and buying that this is a tool of our production, released under the trademark of the brilliant developer of locksmith tools Dimitar Ivaylov, and our tool has nothing in common at first glance from similar tools under the trademark Lucky Locks and Turbodecoder.

Decoder Pump Lock Decoder Cassel CR Viro Mattura Cerutti Potent SAG NEW

This is the remarkable patent holding innovation called  PUMP LOCK DECODER!

With this revolutionary professional tool, Ivaylov’s team is the only experienced company right now, having found out a possibility to unlock & decode the very complicated ISEO Pump locks in situations where the key is missing. Therefore, the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder makes it possible to exceed previous limits and to unlock and decode ISEO Pump locks in just a few seconds.

For more details on the product, please see the description below!


Description of ISEO Pump Lock Decoder

ISEO Pump locks are very protective locks, meaning that the best current possibility on the market to open locked ISEO Cylinder locks is our magnificent ISEO Pump Lock Decoder!

ISEO Pump Lock Decoder with its 6 pins make it possible to ‘’pump’’ each pin of the ISEO Cylinder lock to a specific height until it reaches the required depth to open the lock!

Therefore, thanks to the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder’s abilitieswe have made it possible to exceed previous lock security limits and to unlock and decode ISEO Pump locks in just a few seconds, without damaging the lock mechanism. Regardless of whether professionals or non-professionals are dealing with this tool, the easy and quick use of the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder makes it possible to open and decode complex ISEO Pump locks like experienced experts!


All about the unlocking process:


The general unlocking process is easy and quick. To ensure a smooth operation and the desired result there are three steps which need to be followed by the operator.

But before doing so, one needs to be familiar with the structure of the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder:

ISEO Pump Lock Decoder is constructed with three main parts: The rotatable passkey (being on top of the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder) with its 6 pins, and the bottom part consisting of three parts being 1. Tension wheel, 2. Gate and 3. BACK wheel (listed in their hierarchical order from top to bottom).

During the whole operation the middle wheel (Gate) plays no role and it is static. On the other hand, one needs to pay special attention to the engravings on the Tension wheel (Start position) and on the BACK wheel (Indicator).

As the name ‘’Tension wheel’’ suggests, the tension of the operator is during the unlocking process of highest importance. Here, the operator needs to find a ‘’middle tension’’ during the opening process since a weak tension would not lead to an unlocking of the ISEO Pump lock while a strong tension would only break or deform the tool.

The only thing one needs to do is to follow precisely three easy steps:



1. First step- Reset the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder:


Before starting the main unlocking process, there is one preparational step left: The resetting of the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder or more precise the resetting of the pins on the tool!

For this step turn the BACK wheel all the way to the right. Then take the reset tool and push it down against each of the 6 holes of the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder. The operator should find the 6 holes on the upper part of the tool (the passkey)- 4 holes on the first side and another 2 on the other side. This procedure serves to reset the 6 pins. If all pins are aligned, the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder is ready for the second step!


2. Second step- Inserting ISEO Pump Lock Decoder into the lock:


For the second step one needs bring the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder into its ‘’neutral position’’. This means that the engraved ‘’Indicator’’ on the BACK wheel needs to be aligned with the ‘’Start position’’ which is marked on the Tension wheel. Next the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder can be gently inserted into the given lock. Afterwards, push the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder gently into the given lock and put a little bit of tension on the BACK wheel to turn it slightly to the right.

At this stage you are ready to proceed with the main unlocking procedure!



3. Third step- the unlocking process:


On this stage you have already completed all preparational steps and the ISEO Pump Lock Decoder is ready for the main unlocking procedure.

The starting position of step 3 is a tension wheel which is slightly turned to the right (second step) while the so called ‘’Indicator’’ and the ‘’Start position’’ are aligned.

Now, the first step in the unlocking process includes to turn the BACK wheel to the right until you reach the end, while holding the tension wheel to the right. Afterwards, turn the BACK wheel back to the left until it is in its original position (Indicator and Starting position are aligned) and turn the Tension wheel just a little bit to the left until you hear the pins clicking.

Repeat this same procedure a few times until you have the result of an open ISEO Pump lock!

Looking for a more visualized way of the unlocking procedure? Then see below our full explanatory video!

What is in for you?


  • Quick unlocking and decoding process
  • Simple handling
  • Professionally unlocking and decoding ISEO Pump locks
  • No damages

Shipment information of the product

The company ensures their customers the fastest and safest delivery process thanks to their cooperation with   !

After the successful completion of our customer’s desired order, the shipment duration takes about 1-4 days.

Therefore, we test every tool for possible manufacturing mistakes. Additionally, all tools produced at our company carry a one year warranty. In cases of unintended small defects on our products, the company will repair them immediately- without any additional costs! If the tool seems to be unrepairable, compensation possibilities will be discussed with the customer. With this method we can guarantee happy customers receiving only good quality products.

Because only if we have fully satisfied our loyal customers, we have done our jobs right!












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