Decoder Easy Tools SIP22 FIAT / ALFA ROMEO


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EASY TOOL –  This is not a turbodecoder, but a completely new innovative tool designed to be used by professionals for emergency opening of the lock, safe and prompt opening of the closed door of a car or house. Our  tool has nothing to do with similar tools under the turbodecoder trademark. Our instrument was developed by a truly genius of his craft, Dimitar Ivaylov, who put all his soul, knowledge and energy into this instrument.

Please take into account when evaluating our product and buying that this is a tool of our production, released under the trademark of the brilliant developer of locksmith tools Dimitar Ivaylov, and our tool has nothing in common at first glance from similar tools under the trademark Lucky Locks and Turbodecoder.


With new manufacturing technology, this SIP22 decoder is ahead of everything in the market. The professional SIP22 decoder supports the following models:

Alfa Romeo
147 (1995 to 2001)
156 (1998 to 2003)
166 (1998 to 2004)
Mito (2008 onwards)
Spider (2006 onwards)
500 (2007 awards)
Daily (2000 awards)
Doblo (2000 onwards)
Ducato (2002 onwards)
Fiorino (2003 onwards)
Grande Punto (2005 onwards)
Idea (2003 onwards)
Panda (2002 onwards)
Punto (2003 onwards)
Qubo (2008 onwards)
Seicento (2000 awards)
Stilo (2001 awards)
boxer from 2002
Gran Turismo 2010 awards
Jumper (2002 awards)
Nemo (2008 awards)
Relay (2005 onwards)
KA (2008 awards)


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