Turbo Decoder HU100 Opel and Chevrolet


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Turbo decoder HU100 Opel and Chevrolet

HU100 professional decoder can open and decode HU100 lock profile for Opel, Chevrolet, Vauxhall, Holden, BUICK, Cadillac, General Motors
This is a new type of technology from the point of view of the production of locksmith tools of this type, and unlike other similar products, we guarantee that it will not break if used in accordance with the instructions.
The HU100 decoder has been tested on more than 90 different types of locks before launching it. It is strong, very compact, easy to use and easy to learn.
It can be used on the ignition after unlocking.
Once you have opened, the decoding procedure is quite simple, and duplicate keys can be made without problems.
The following models open:

– Opel Agila
– Opel Astra (2004 onwards)
– Opel Combo Van (2004 onwards)
– Opel Corsa (2002 onwards)
– Opel Meriva (2004 onwards)
– Opel Sintra
– Opel Tigra (2004 onwards)
– Opel Vectra (from 2006)
– Opel Zafira (from 2004)

– Opel Insignia (from 2008 onwards)

– Vauxhall Agila
– Vauxhall Astra (2004 onwards)
– Vauxhall Combo Van (2004 onwards)
– Vauxhall Corsa (2002 onwards)
– Vauxhall Meriva (2004 onwards)
– Vauxhall Sintra
– Vauxhall Tigra (2004 onwards)
– Vauxhall Vectra (from 2006)
– Vauxhall Zafira (from 2004)

– Vauxhall Insignia (from 2008 onwards)

– Holden Astra (from 2004)
– Holden Barina (2004 onwards)
– Holden Combo (from 2004)
– Holden Tigra (from 2005)
– Holden Zafira (2006 onwards)
– Holden Vectra (2006 onwards)
– Holden most models 2006 onwards

– Holden Insignia from 2008 onwards

– BUICK Allure (from 2009)
– BUICKLacrosse (from 2009)

– CadillacVarious models from 2007

– General Motors Terrain (from 2010)

– Chevrolet Camero (2009 onwards)
– Chevrolet Equinox (2010 onwards)
– Chevrolet Cruze (2007 onwards)

– SaturnAstra (2008 onwards)

– Saab93 (2008 onwards)
– Saab95 (2008 onwards)

Each product is checked manually on several locks to ensure good quality and condition of your purchase.
We ship worldwide, so you can track where your product is located. Delivery time is 2-6 days, depending on delivery options.


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