Automatic self-impression decoders Horizontal Cisa Abus Mauer Iseo

Усиленный автосвертыш, отмычка для Hyundai Solaris KIA RIO.

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Automatic self-impression decoders Horizontal Cisa Abus Mauer Iseo

There is no such thing as “one tool to open EVERY lock”. Therefore, a universal tool cannot exist with these types of tools! The operator must know the cylinder lock he is trying to open. Therefore, some locksmith knowledge is required.

These lockpicks work WITHOUT POWER. You are applying medium voltage. The tool will place each cylinder lock pin at a specific height. This happens until it “accepts” the position corresponding to the position of the original key. Thus, a key profile is obtained. At this point, you have a complete double-bar profile capable of opening and closing the lock just like the original key.

Automatic self-impression decoders Horizontal Cisa Abus Mauer Iseo



Cisa Astral



Cisa Ap3



Cisa Ap4(в розробці)



Cisa Tecno



Cisa Asix



Abus C550



Mauer Elit 2



Iseo R6/R6+/R11




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