Set for Double-bit locks

Свертыш, отмычка для автомобилей Hyundai и Kia.

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EASY TOOL –  This is not a turbodecoder, but a completely new innovative tool designed to be used by professionals for emergency opening of the lock, safe and prompt opening of the closed door of a car or house. Our  tool has nothing to do with similar tools under the turbodecoder trademark. Our instrument was developed by a truly genius of his craft, Dimitar Ivaylov, who put all his soul, knowledge and energy into this instrument.

Please take into account when evaluating our product and buying that this is a tool of our production, released under the trademark of the brilliant developer of locksmith tools Dimitar Ivaylov, and our tool has nothing in common at first glance from similar tools under the trademark Lucky Locks and Turbodecoder.

This is the new patent holding, high-quality tool called SET FOR DOUBLE BIT IMPRESSIONING NEW!

For all professional locksmiths among us, who are trying to be the master of all locksmiths, this is the most efficient and non-destructive tool kit. It is made for automatic self-impression, enabling every locksmith to unlock more than 50 Double Bit Lever Locks. This makes it to the most useful and, in the meantime, to the most effective locksmith tool kit on the market.

For more details on the product, please see the description below!


Description of Set for double bit impressioning new


The Set for double bit impressioning new is a professional locksmith kit for experienced and non-experienced locksmiths that want to control every lock problem! This impressive set includes several different tools, enabling every locksmith to professionally unlock more than 50 Double Bit Lever Locks. Beyond that, it is possible to construct additional combinations! To do so, the professional kit includes various of tools which are several “soft” keys, different tension tools which distinguish in dimension and shape, different pins and spacers distinguishing in dimension and lastly, a storage box on top.

Below there are several lock systems listed, which are all compatible with the Set for double bit impressioning new.


The set works with the following 50 lock systems listed below but also on others:

  • Antonioli
  • AKARSAN (All known models including models for safe and door)
  • Auno
  • Atra
  • BTV / Spain
  • Beta Abloy
  • CIFIAL (Outside mounted lock)
  • CR Vario
  • CR (Normal)
  • CR (Small map)
  • CR (Outside mounted locks)
  • CISA (Small map locks)
  • CISA (Some safe model locks)
  • CISA ANTIPICK (Version 1)
  • CISA ANTIPICK (Version 2)
  • CISA (Outside mounted locks)
  • FAC – safe locks / SPAIN /
  • ISEO – FIAM serie 600
  • MCM / Spain / models
  • Metal (All known models)
  • Mottura (Small map locks)
  • Mottura (Medium map locks)
  • Mottura (‘’My key’’ models)
  • Mottura (‘’Nucleo compact’’)
  • Mottura (“Nucleo”)
  • Mottura (“Easy go” models)
  • Potent 8 levers models
  • Potent Vario 7000 models
  • SAB (Small map models)
  • SAB (Big map locks for armoured doors)
  • Securemme (Big map models)
  • Securemme (Medium map models)
  • Securemme (Small map models)
  • Securemme (Some safe locks)
  • Tesio (Armoured door models)
  • Kale 4+4
  • Yale (Small map models)
  • Class (Russian models)
  • Metem (Russian models)
  • CAM 3 + 3
  • CAM 4 + 4
  • Elbor
  • Dekaba Mauer 4+4
  • Some Serbian similar locks
  • Kerberos – some models – RESERVED
  • Locks with similar part dimensions
  • With the new anti-picking mechanisms


All about the unlocking process:


The unlocking process of almost every double bit lever lock is very similar and simple. The only thing one needs to do is to follow 4 easy steps:

Step 1: Figure out and insert the appropriate tension tool for the respective lock that puts the lock carriage in tension.

Step 2: Insert the soft stick key with pins.

Step 3: Jiggle the tension tool and the soft stick key with pins a little bit. Consequently, this will result in a movement of the soft stick key’s pins until the position of the pins correspond to the teeth of the original key. At this point the operator has successfully obtained the profile of the first half of the key.

Step 4: To obtain the profile of the other half of the key, the same procedure is needed to be repeated.

The result is a complete double-bit profile which can un-/lock the corresponding double bit lever lock.


Looking for a more visualized way of the unlocking procedure? Then see below our full explanatory video!


What is in for you?


  • Professional kit with numerous of helpful tools
  • Suitable for over 50 double bit lever locks
  • Additional combinations are possible
  • Simple handling
  • Quick unlocking
  • Non- destructive operations

Shipment information of the product

Therefore, we test every tool for possible manufacturing mistakes. Additionally, all tools produced at our company carry a one year warranty. In cases of unintended small defects on our products, the company will repair them immediately- without any additional costs! If the tool seems to be unrepairable, compensation possibilities will be discussed with the customer. With this method we can guarantee happy customers receiving only good quality products.

Because only if we have fully satisfied our loyal customers, we have done our jobs right!


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