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Keyless Go Repeater / Smart Key Emergency Start System WAVE (2020 NEW!!!)

Keyless rod relay is a receiver-transmitting radio-technical device located at intermediate points of radio lines, amplifying the signals received and transmitting them further. Thus increasing the range of the signal. Code grabber – the rod relay has many names universal “Fishing rod,” “Long Hand,” “Wave,” “Multi-brand” works with cars that have a regular system of comfortable access “Keyless Go” or “Keyless Entry”, the system allows you to open the doors and start the engine of the car.


This device allows you to open and start a car equipped with the Keyless Go system, Keyless Entry at a distance of up to 300 meters


In its functionality has 2 modes of operation:

  1. Mode of working with cars equipped with the Keyless Go Toyota all model glad (2009-2019) Lexus all model glad (2006-2019) Subaru all model glad (2008-2019)
  2. Mode of working with cars equipped with keyless Go or Keyless Entry other brands inclusive until 2017 – 2018


When working in the first mode, Toyota/Lexus/Subaru has a KEY AND NAME.  In other words, the operator of a large block sees the presence of a key in the work area of the device.


The range of communication between blocks of at least 350-450 meters in dense construction/work from the premises, etc. It is important to understand that it is a reserve of power in order to normally transmit a signal at any construction swells and obstacles. And the real working range rests on the range of the radio channel between the key and the car, and is on average 100-200 meters and rarely exceeds 250 meters!!!! The range of this radio channel also depends on the battery charge in the key. The range of communication between the blocks is necessary for the stability of work, although many manufacturers neglect it. For example, the work is carried out from the front of the house, and the key lies in the apartment windows which overlook the yard, where the car stands. As a result, there are no walls between the key and the car, and there is a reinforced concrete wall between a small and large block, and most likely not one. Without a supply of communication between blocks in such a situation, work is impossible. A good stock is needed even in a busy parking lot.


Just as important is the fact that it is not necessary to accurately position a small unit in the interior of the car. The operator just sits in the car, as in his own and leaves. The operation of a small unit is similar to the key: it can be located anywhere in the cabin.


This device has not yet implemented the support of Mercedes 2013 and Audi cars. In the near future, there will be an update in this direction, as well as on improved work with Range Rover cars and support of other cars of 2018-2019.


Constant improvements and updates are underway, and tests are carried out on each car. All updates and tests will be posted in the news section and on our YouTube – Channel.


Supported by the relay of the car brand:

  • Mercedes until 2013
  • BMW All Models E-Series, F-series 2017
  • Mazda All to 2018
  • RangeRover
  • Jaguar
  • Toyota All models (until 2019)
  • Lexus All models (until 2019)
  • Subaru All models (until 2019)
  • Nissan All models (until 2017)
  • Citroen All models
  • Peugeot All models
  • Hyundai All models (until 2018)
  • Kia All models (until 2018)
  • Infinity

Note: The list includes brands verified personally.


The principle of the device consists of two relay modules – receiving and transmitting. The receiving module must be located near the car, transmitting at the key. Once the system is turned on, a high-speed digital data channel is installed between the modules, allowing the vehicle’s requests to be relayed to and from the key.


The following conditions must be met to work:

  1. The receiving module should be located 30-50 centimeters from the door handle (it has an antenna).
  2. The transmitting module should be located at a distance of up to 8-10 meters from the key and directed to the key at this time authorization will take place and you can open the car and also start it.  (If the antenna plane is pointing away from the key, the range of the key may decrease)
  3. With additional enlarged antennas, it is possible to achieve the range of exposure to the key up to 15 m.
  4. The set includes two blocks, large and small, charger.

According to the hotel agreement, a bag with an external antenna or a separate external antenna for a larger radius can be equipped with a robot with a key.

Attention! The device is not intended to commit illegal acts.

Device Test Reviews:

Toyota LS 200 NEW 2019

Toyota Prado 150 NEW 2019

Lexus LX 570 !!!!!


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