Codegrabber P31 Keyless Nintendo Tetris Gameboy


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Keyless Go at a glance
The principle of operation of the keyless vehicle access system incorporated in the keyless entry system
are both simple and, at the same time, complex in terms of technical implementation.
In fact, such a system, it is also called Keyless Go, is the same key with a special electronic unit.
with which it interacts with the on-board vehicle access system at a relatively short distance.

The shape of the wearable unit can be any — key, key fob or card.
The essence is not in the form, but in the content — a compact electronic chip with a code «wired» into it.

Having learned the code (when the owner of the car approaches him at a certain distance), the car electronics unlocks the protection system and door locks.
Once seated in the car, the owner only has to press a button to start the engine.
At the same time, when the owner of the key leaves the car, the electronics, losing the signal, independently blocks the doors and deactivates the electrical circuits.

Meet the new code grabber emulator Keyless — P31
The one who is anticipated is the one who is armed
Codegrabber P31 is based on the GameBoy game console
visually has no differences, no cables or any modifications

P31 Codegrabber

GameBoy game console case
inclusion with a unique pin code
menu with a choice of the language of Russian or English
simplicity of work with the device is available even for a child)
a week of work on one battery charge
USB charging
the ability to update remotely



It is enough to go to any place of the car where there is a button without key access, touch or press
the device records the signal from the car and, within 10 seconds to 2 minutes, selects the desired key, completely duplicating the native one.
The key can be saved in the device memory.
Open, close, start and drive at any time.

We are pleased to announce the release of the next software update on 01/25/2022.
The update includes improved features, stable operation and 100% support for the claimed list.

1.A PIN —  (using the VIN — PIN calculator or by contacting the seller)


i30 2011—2014

ix20 2010—2015

Accent 2010—2014

Veloster 2011—2018

Grandeur 2011—2014

Genesis 2009—2013

Equus 2012—2014

Elantra 2010—2013

Azera 2011—2015

Sonata 2009—2014

Santa fe II 2009—2012

Santa fe III 2012—2018

Grand Santa fe 2012—2018

IX35 15.01.2010-31.08.2013

Tucson 15.01.2010-31.08.2013


Venga 2009—2020

K5 2010—2015

Borrego 2010—2013

Picanto 2011—2017

Cadenza 2013—2016

Sportage 2010—2016

Sorento 2010-11.08.2014

Carens 2012—2018

Optima 2010-29.06.2015

2.(The device calculates the PIN code automatically)


Sorento 2014—2022

Sorento Prime 2014—2017

Sorento Prime 2017—2022

Sportage 2016—2018

Sportage 2018—2022

Stinger 2017—2022

Niro (Petrol/Hybrid/Electro) 2017—2022



Tucson 2015—2018

Tucson 2018—2022

Santa Fe 2018—2022

Kona (Petrol/Hybrid/Electric) 2017—2022

Ioniq (Plug in/Hybrid/Electric) 2016—2022

Genesis g70 2017—2020

Genesis gv 80—2022

Sorento Prime—2022





1. Automatic emulation ASX 2010—2022 Outlander 2009—2022

2.Emulation in two steps (emulation is possible only after opening or closing the car with the car key buttons and the subsequent capture of the key signal, automatic emulation from door handles is not possible)

Pajero Sport 2016—2022

Eclipse Cross 2017—2022

L200 2015—2022


NEW Update 2023!!!!!!!!

Hyundai Ioniq5 2021-

Genesis GV60 2021-

Kia Niro 2 2022-

Kia EV6 2021-

Kia EV6 GT 2021-

Kia Ceed 3G FL 2021-

Kia XCeed 1G FL 2021-

Kia Proceed 1G FL 2021-

Kia K5 3G 2019-

Kia K5 3G FL 2021-

Kia K3 2G FL 2021-

Kia Forte 3G FL 2021-

Kia Cerato 4G FL 2021-





Criptograbber P31 Game Boy Manual English translation


Criptograbber P31 Game Boy Traducción Española




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