Codegrabber Barrier, Gates and Automation Release TEMPORARILY STOPPED. NOT MANUFACTURED!

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Technical characteristics of Codegrabber Barrier, Gates and Automation NEW !!!

Code grabber for all kinds of automatic locking systems, a universal key fob – an opener for automation such as barriers, gates, blinds, rolls, roller shutters, automatic gates, anti-vandal barriers and other systems that can be opened from the remote control, NOT GSM (for gsm automation that opens from a mobile phone, GSM is required Gate +). The peculiarity of the remote control is that it is a training keychain – a master keychain!

Universal remote control – Code grabber with a telescopic antenna LCD screen and RFID module 125 kHz, up to 99 remotes from a rich list of alarms can be written into one universal remote control, firmware 2019!.

The grabber is made in a compact plastic case and has a telescopic antenna, a built-in RFID module (Cloning of cards and intercom tags, 125 kHz slagbaums), an informative LCD screen, 5 control buttons and a convenient scroll that works like a joystick, it is very convenient to navigate the menu with it.

Code grabbers for barriers, air scanners, automation training key fob for rfid tags and cards at 125 kHz, master key fobs have the ability to change the language in the settings, the Russian menu and the menu in English. If you wish, you can independently set the pin code to turn on the device! In a universal key fob for gate barriers, a scanner, in addition to the standard frequencies in AM modulation 433.92 MHz, 434 MHz, 315 MHz, 868 MHz, in the code grabber console, you can set the frequency manually, in addition, you can clone cards and tags at 125 kHz! (If you need to open GSM automation, then you need GSM GATE +)

Technical characteristics of Codegrabber Barrier, Gates and Automation NEW 2019 !!!

99 memory cells in the training keychain code grabber

There are 99 memory locations in the code grabber, you can record 99 remotes in 1 code grabber! And there is no need to carry with you many different remotes and key fobs from gates, barriers, roller shutters, you can record all the automation in one universal key fob code grabber and teach them inexpensive remotes, clone cards and RFID tags 125 kHz.

5-line LCD screen. Pin

In the code grabber of automation 2.5.0, there is an informative five-line monochrome display on which everything is clearly visible, it is easy to navigate the menu, select the desired modes or navigate through the already recorded memory cells, assign names to records and much more. You can set your own PIN code to enable!

Retractable. Telescopic antenna

A retractable metal telescopic antenna is used in the code grabber for barriers, when retracted, it is inside the code grabber body and does not interfere, and if necessary, it can be pulled out by almost 20 cm.This significantly increases the signal reception / transmission range

Built-in battery, rechargeable via micro USB

No more batteries in the automation code grabber, the built-in battery can be quickly charged via micro USB and the ether scanner can work for a long time, and it can be in sleep mode for a very long time, the consumption is scanty in passive mode!

6 main modes of operation. Multi-frequency

There are 5 main modes in v2.5.0: Scan and write mode, incl. auto. Automatic code selection mode, if the native remote control is lost, but you need to open the gate. Jamming mode, jamming radio signals. Code substitution mode, indispensable for some types of automation. Catch up on the code. There are standard frequencies 433.92MHz, 434MHz, 315MHz, 868MHz, but you can set the frequency manually! Mode for copying marks and cards at 125 kHz. Clone cards and RFID tags 125khz

5 buttons + Scroll-Joystick, dimensions

The code grabber has 5 active buttons + 1 scroll – joystick, using the joystick it is very convenient to navigate the menu between modes to select the desired stored memory cell, make settings, etc. Dimensions of the universal remote control case 8 × 4 cm., Display 9 × 21 mm, miniature screen with low energy consumption, while informative.


Universal key fob for Codegrabber Barrier, Gates and Automation NEW 2019 !!! The list of openable gates and barriers has been significantly increased, the unit can write up to 99 consoles to its memory, it can copy rfid cards and tags at 125kHz. The scanner of air of automatic systems codegrabber CodeGrabber supports the following list of automation:

Allmatic B.RO OVER

Allmatic B.RO STAR

Allmatic B.RO WN

Allmatic TECH 3

AN-MOTORS Black and Silver Buttons






Bytec TB-4

Baisheng RC4-T15

BFT MITTO 2/4, 2N / 4N – Two modes of operation with these BFT MITTO consoles:

– Fast (regular copying), may not work in 100% of cases

– Universal mode – with data collection and calculation on a PC.


CAME TOP 432/434

CAME TOP 432/434 EE

CAME ATOMO AT 01/02/04

CAME TOP 862NA (868Mhz)



Doorhan Transmitter 4/2 / D2

Doorhan RCBLACK-4


DEA Mio tR 2/4

DEA 273 (gray buttons, gray buttons)


DITEC GOL4C (red LED, red LED)



FAAC TM1 / 2/3-DS

FAAC 868SLH work

t only at a frequency of 868.35 Mhz. (via code substitution)

FAAC XT2 / XT4 868SLH – Code calculation on PC required

Marantec D222 / D224 / 214 (868Mhz)

Marantec Digital 302/313/304 (868Mhz)

NORMSTAHL / CRAWFORD RCU433-4K, FHS10-01 / 02, EA433-4KS / 2KS, EA433-2KM, N002800, T40-1 / 1M, T40-4 / 4M


Nice Flo 4/2/1

Nice Flor-s (-m) 4/2/1

Nice very ve

Nice Very VR

Nice Smilo 2/4, blue / black

Nice era flor

Nice Era Inti (INTI1x / INTI2x)

Nice Era One (ON1E … ON9E) open problem fixed

NERO Radio 8101-½ / 4 (434Mhz)

NERO Radio 8101-2М (434Mhz)

NOVOFERM Novotron 302/502


ROGER H80 TX12 / 14










ELMES DWB and other compatible

HORMANN HSM4, HSE2, HSP4 (868Mhz) (Blue buttons)

Keeloq systems and many, many others …

Support for writing EM4305 / T5577 discs for encoding EM4100, T5577 for HID PROX II,

RFID tags and access cards at 125kHz, in copying, cloning mode … And some other systems can be recorded in a special code change mode, for example, for Keeloq, FAAC 868SLH and GENIUS Amigo / Amigold systems, dynamic (“floating”, or “rolling “) Encoding, to put it modestly! If you do not be shy, then the new firmware version is a breakthrough, a new word in science and technology! The list did not include many systems with static code, thanks to special algorithms, it is possible to receive and control many systems with constant “fixed” encodings. For example, these are: PROTECO TX3, PTX433405, control panel from the WJDZ barrier (frequency – 417.9 MHz), a great variety of remotes, mainly made in China with Princeton PT22xx encoders. It is not possible to list all the possible options; only fully tested and most popular systems were included in the list.

The code grabber supports the “COLLECT” mode, for example, for FAAC 868SLH systems – copying is possible by collecting data and further calculating the code on a PC. BFT MITTO – supported in two modes:

1) fast (regular copying), may not work in 100% of cases.

2) universal mode – with data collection and calculation on a PC. (this is a resource-intensive procedure and even on a fast PC it takes some time), at the exit you get a ready-made working code!

Code selection mode (brute code), brute is carried out with the CAME TOP and NICE FLO systems, in version 2.5.0 of the universal key fob grabber control, the transmission with all systems is improved, the code change for FAAC systems is improved, the code catch-up and code change are optimized. a complete shutdown system for greater energy saving, as well as a private mode for turning on the universal key fob. Many other systems not included in the list can also work at the request of specialists in the code substitution mode.

A very important feature of the remote control is its ability to teach ordinary consoles from barriers, that is, it is a training keychain, the mother is a keychain, this ability is incredibly useful for specialists in the installation and maintenance of barriers, in 1 such a training keychain – a code grabber you can write 50 codes of various systems and further train ordinary inexpensive control panels from barriers that your company maintains, this is convenient for a specialist and a client.

The device provides for the possibility of adding new systems upon request, that is, if automatic gates that are not included in the list are installed in your private house or enterprise, then they can be added individually, thereby combining even more automation in one universal remote control. The difference is that the newer version includes fixes for some artifacts from previous versions, added new systems and a 125kHz RFID module, use the latest firmware and a new 5-lane screen whenever possible!


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